Cotswolds Interior Design

Excited to be working with a new interior design client that has set up business in London after relocating to the UK. Heres some images from the first project in the Cotswolds.


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer


Cotswolds Interior Photographer

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Restaurant Photography London

Restaurant Photography

There is a new restaurant or f&b venue opening every week – and all these new ventures need restaurant photography to market the business. The restaurant photography I have provided captures the interior design of each new restaurant, the on-brand elements and the uniqueness of each location, whether on the high street, in a hotel, within shopping malls or airports. They all require outstanding images of their latest new restaurant – and i’m proud to deliver exceptional images.

Professional restaurant photography requires a combination of photographic skill and understanding of commercial interiors. How to capture the mixed lighting situations and brand requirements. I like to create image libraries for clients that they can use in all their marketing avenues. I supply restaurant photography that gives the customer a real sense of the venue and what it is like to have breakfast, lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

As a restaurant photographer I work with Restaurateurs and PR agencies. I will capture the ambiance of the restaurant interior and exterior. Typically most people will google a restaurant before booking, looking for reviews and photography of the restaurant. By booking me as a your restaurant photographer you are guaranteed fantastic attractive photography that will help bring new customers through the doors

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Sunsquare Skylight PR Photography

Skylight Photography

This skylight photography photoshoot on a cold, dark and wet afternoon was carried out for Sunsquare through PR agency R&T at Brunel University in Uxbridge.

Sunsquare are market leaders in Skylights and Rooflights..

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Choose the right House Photographer

How to Choose the Right House Photographer?

When the time comes to sell your home, you want to make the process quick and effortless. One of the most prominent attention-grabbing marketing factors for those selling is to purchase good home photography. Most people quickly browse through online listings, and when there is a quality house photo accompanying the listing, you are more likely to stick out and attract attention.

The key is finding a house photographer that can capture the true essence of your home. There are different attributes that you should be looking for before employing professional home photography. Look for experience, what they can offer you, price, and how quickly they can get the house photographed. Find out all the ins and outs of getting the best house photography possible.

Do Your Research
Before you ever decide on a house photographer, you need to take to the internet and get some research done. There are a plethora of ways to check out experienced home photography specialists. Do a simple search and check out the ones that come up first. From those, explore how many years each has been in the industry, any reviews that they have received from previous or current clients, and what kind of approach they take to their house photography.
Professional photographers should use the most up-to-date equipment including wide angle lenses and studio lighting when necessary. You may need aerial shots of your property or a session done at night to highlight the beauty of your home exterior. Explore their website and see what kind of home photo images they are showcasing to be sure it’s something that you are interested in and impressed with. After you have a few different house photography suppliers in mind, give them a call. You have to be comfortable with the photographer in your home. They are going to be coming to your home, and you want someone that you can trust.

Make Clear Expectations
Not every house photographer is going to be able to offer you the same services. Some can provide you with extra marketing tools beyond just capturing images. You may want your house photos to be edited and retouched. While it’s perfectly acceptable to do some editing, there might be laws in your area about completely removing parts of the picture. Ask your house photographer if they know what the guidelines are and if they provide an editing service.
Talk with your house photographer about the areas of your property that you want them to focus on. Maybe you have beautiful gardens or a fantastic pool that you want to make sure potential buyers get a clear picture of. It’s important to go through your home first and pick out what you think are the most significant selling points. Share them with your house photographer and ask them to give you any pointers on what they think should be included. A photographer with experience and skill knows what to look for.

You Get What You Pay For
Chances are if you are talking with a house photographer that has prices that are substantially lower than the competition, there’s a reason for it. Either they don’t have the experience, the equipment isn’t as advanced. Talk over all the pricing surrounding the house photography they are going to do up front. They may charge extra for travel, the amount of time on location, editing, or copyrights to your images. These hidden fees can add up if you don’t get them all out on the table ahead of time.

Time and Final Products
Discuss with your prospective photographer about the time frame you are looking at for having your final images delivered to you. You should be able to get them back within a reasonable amount of time so that you can get your house on the market and sold quickly. Finally, question them on what their policy is in the event you are unhappy with the final pictures that they give you of your home. Some home photography professionals will offer a certain amount of changes without any extra fee. Others may guarantee their work and give you the option of an entirely new photo shoot when you don’t think things turned out the way you would have like them to.

I am available for house photography assignments across the UK. I have two bases in London and Oxfordshire and often work in Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Buckinghamshire and the Cotswolds.

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Professional Interior Photography for Bar Interiors

Professional interior photography of bar interiors

Graham has provided photography and video on a few WSG interiors projects, and we’ve been really impressed. He has been very easy to deal with and the end result is always high quality. Would definitely recommend!..

When photographing restaurant and bar interiors I consider the layout of the interior design, the way the space flows, the interior design elements and materials used to create the restaurant and bar interiors. Whether you are the owner of the business or the interior designer I am able to deliver high quality restaurant and bar interior photography that showcases your design expertise.
As a commercial interior photographer based in London UK, I specialise in capturing and enhancing interior design of hospitality spaces for bars, restaurants and food convenience stores through my professional interior photography.
My realistic, yet striking and refined interior photography for bar interiors is extremely important for visually promoting your bar and restaurant online and in print. My professional interior photography helps you stand out from the competition. As a experienced interior photographer I am able to understand your brief and communicate the interior designers vision with the ambience and characteristics captured beautifully. My approach to capturing restaurant and bar interiors is to photograph the main views in wide angle and more tighter framed images that can focus on materials and textures. I work across the UK, including London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, the Cotswolds and Berkshire.

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Washroom Cubicle Installation

These interior photos are from recent interior shoots for washroom cubicle installation companies in London.

Graham has provided excellent interior photography work for many of our clients. He combines creative photos that are commercially aware and offer great value too our long term marketing efforts..

Architectural photography has been one of my photographic passions for nearly 20 years. I focus heavily on composition and lighting, and create beautiful and accurate photos that are unique and engaging, whatever the subject matter. My main work base is in London, but my clients are UK wide so I am often travelling around the United Kingdom photographing hotels, commercial buildings, and property developments. I also have a home in the Cotswolds area and building relations with local companies in Berkshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

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  • interior styling

Interior Styling

I went to university with Beck, she is a interior, prop and still life stylist. She is recognised for her creative approach as well as flexibility and excellent relationship building skills, which enable her to successfully meet all client needs. Based in the north of England, Beck is ideally located between Leeds and Manchester, but travels throughout the UK and internationally as required. She has a breadth of experience in both studio based photo shoots, as well as on location. Visit Kite Styling.

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Interior Showroom Photography

Showroom Photography

This interior showroom photography is from a previous photo shoot for two London showrooms in Clerkenwell and Kensington. Poltrona Frau and Cassina.

Our business has worked with Graham on many occasions. Graham is extremely professional and delivers beautiful interior photos every time. He works to the brief and budget and always goes the extra mile to keep us happy..

I’ve been photographing architectural and interior photography since 2000. My aim is to provide clients imagery that will stand out and enhance their business. I emphasize quality over quantity and take great care whilst onsite to ensure my client requirements are met. I’m based in London and Oxfordshire and work throughout the United Kingdom. I have huge and varied client base, but am always looking for new client in the interior and architectural sectors, especially interior design showrooms. If you are in need of showroom photography please get in touch.

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Building Facade & Cladding

These photos are taken in Waterloo Station, London for a cladding specialist through an architectural PR agency. As part of the refurb, bomb proof cladding was installed on internal subways/staircases.

Graham has a professional, dynamic and creative approach, offering suggestions and support that help us deliver outstanding results. Graham is a pleasure to deal with, and we have clients requesting he returns for future projects. I would highly recommend Graham to anyone looking for a photographer to help with their PR and marketing needs..

I am an experienced, award winning interior and architectural photographer. I have worked on projects throughout the UK and Europe. I always take great care to bring out the best elements of the design and attention to detail, including composition, lighting and colours. I love working with suppliers, approaching new buildings not just from the architects and interior designers view point, but for the companies supplying elements of the design, including flooring, glazing, lighting.

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Property Photographer

Professional Property Photography

I’m not one for working with the typical high street estate agents, but I do work for high class estate agencies that sell luxury properties worth millions that understand the value in quality property photography. Previous clients include Savills, Hamptons and Knight Frank.

I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with you. Your professionalism and attention to detail has far surpassed both ourselves and our clients expectations. I am pleased to have utilized your photos and they have helped us present our exclusive properties and our company better to the marketplace, winning us both sales and instructions during this time. I look forward to doing even greater levels of business with you over the coming months and years..

I, Graham Holland, have spent almost the last two decades using my eye for detail to ensure my clients always receive the best possible outcome. I have been lucky enough to develop long lasting relationships with customers across a wide range of sectors including commercial properties and residential property. I am a skilled property photographer, and I will make sure that you get the best results to make your property look at it’s most appealing. Knowing how to shoot a room to maximise its best features or to make sure buyers see the true potential takes skill and specialist equipment. My property photos alway make the right impact on potential buyers. I work throughout London, Surrey, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Wiltshire.

3 Reasons to Use a Professional Property Photographer
Technology has made a massive difference in the lives of people searching online to buy a new home. The internet has made everything accessible. Now, all that home buyers need to do is check out listings online and view pictures of real estate before deciding to view it in person. Therefore, it has become important to take and put up professional pictures of your property to make a good first impression on home buyers. If you’re not using a professional property photographer to shoot your listings, then here are 3 reasons why you should reconsider:

Professional Images Attract More Buyers
It isn’t a coincidence that properties with professional images tend to get the most attention on listing websites. Studies have revealed that better-quality images will improve the number of clicks by 100% on listings. So, if your plan is to attract more buyers quickly, it makes sense to acquire the services of a professional property photographer.

Saves You Time
Why waste your precious time taking pictures of your property? Meticulously planning and staging your property, and then taking pictures of each setting is time-consuming. Apart from that, you will also need to re-size and upload these images, and if they come out blurry or in poor quality, you will have to retake them. You can save a lot of time and effort by hiring a professional property photographer to get the best pictures of your property.

Sell Your Property Faster
Studies have shown that homes that are listed with professional images tend to sell 50% faster than homes without professional photos. Your listing is represented by the images posted online, and potential buyers on the Internet are going to be drawn in by professionally taken images. A professional property photographer has the skills and expertise to take professional photos of your listing, which will help you sell your property faster. Get in touch for a quote today. I work in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Surrey and Buckinghamshire.

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The Lakes by Yoo

A couple of years ago I photographed two new homes at the ‘Lakes by Yoo’ development in the Cotswolds. Fantastic homes on the waters edge offering a mixture of contemporary living and country home chic.

An amazing architectural photographer I will use always. I am delighted with Graham's photos and I have no hesitation in recommending Graham to any architect. Graham works to the brief and delivers in every aspect..

I always try to work around clients availability, and try to be no more than 2-3hrs onsite. A lot of the time is taken up by composing, styling and lighting. So if the space is already pre dressed more time can be spent elsewhere. I always aim for the best weather scenario to capture architectural photos, however interiors can often benefit from more overcast conditions so we can achieve an even light without strong highlights. Whatever the weather, I can always bring out the best in a scene as I have many years experience.

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Blind Install

This shoot was for a company proving high quality window blinds to new buildings UK wide.

I would like to thank you for your very impressive architectural photography services which you supply my company. I would pass your details on to any other company – as I have already done. The good thing about you is the efficiency, promptness, politeness and the significantly improved results my company has achieved since using you..

All businesses involved in the architectural sector need great imagery to help promote their products over rivals. My imagery is suitable for high end marketing. My photos can help the right customers come forward. Good quality PR makes all the difference, and the first part of this is using a professional photographer who understands how to photograph products in their environment. I work with national, regional and local property PR agencies when supplying pr photography services. I can create fantastic imagery for targeting media or potential purchasers and investors through print or web based mediums.

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Floor Adhesive

I really enjoy working with building industry suppliers. Working directly with companies providing elements of the build whether lighting, glazing, technology or flooring.

As developers we have used Graham to photograph a number of our building developments and have been thoroughly happy with the results. The imaginative composition and crispness of photography help present the homes in their best light and assist in conveying the high quality of the product that we strive to produce

Flooring photography

On this shoot I was working with a floor adhesive company for a press release regarding use of their products at One Hyde Park.

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Construction Photography

Construction Photography

Construction Photography London

Being skilled in construction photography I understand the requirements for shooting architectural projects as they are developed and delivering fantastic results every time through the various construction site stages. My construction site photography is used for websites, advertising and social media. As a construction photographer I have shot all types of construction projects, large and small. I can photograph completed projects, demolition, PR opportunities and site progress photography.

London building construction photography

The Importance of Professional Construction Photography

There is a lot going on in a construction site. A skilled construction photographer can keep issues out of the photos – whilst still allowing you to keep track of progress. That is the reason why a lot of companies are turning towards professional construction photography, as it helps them document everything that happens on site. There are a lot of different benefits that you gain when you hire a professional with the skills for construction site photography on your development.


Keep a Visual Timeline of Site Progress

You get a visual timeline of your construction work by regularly taking construction site photography that is timestamped. This will make a big difference in helping you plan schedules for delivery, and gauge how far ahead or behind the construction project is at a given moment. As your construction photographer I can visit once per month or more if required to obtain regular photos of the constructions development.


Provide Site Updates for Head Office

The decision-makers can’t always show up to the construction site, since they have other tasks to handle. However, they do want timely updates about the construction project, and professional construction photography can help them track team progress on-site. Decisions making will also become easier since it would be based on first-hand accounts, site reports, and professional construction site photography documenting the progress.


Brilliant for Your Marketing Efforts

You can make a big difference to your marketing efforts by getting professional construction photography of in-progress and completed works on-site. The images can be used in promotional materials, and even added to glossy brochures, uploaded on social media accounts, and your website. Every business is documenting their work, and you should as well through a professional construction photographer. I work across London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Berkshire, Wiltshire and Buckinghamshire providing construction companies of all sizes and their sub-contractors and engineering consultants with the best quality construction photography of their specific services and products which can be used in your brochures, social media and all types of publicity material. Whether you need construction photography for progress reports or a collection of photos to promote housing and office developments or the latest city landmark building I can provide high quality construction site photography. When you are in need of a professional construction photographer to document your construction site, please get in touch to see how I can help. You can commission me to photograph all construction stages in the buildings development. I can regularly visit a highlight the construction processes including materials and skilled craftsmanship from all your sub contractors. If you wish to hire me as your construction photographer please get in touch. CSCS card / scheme is no longer applicable to non-construction based occupations, so as you construction photographer I will just need to undertake your full health and safety briefing onsite and if required be accompanied by one of your representatives whilst on active areas of the construction site. I carry full PPE with me. I offer a variety of skills honed through years of working in the industry. My knowledge and expertise are vital in creating and supplying my clients with high quality construction photography.

Graham is a first class photographer. We have used him for several years now, to help photograph our construction sites and properties and quite honestly the results are outstanding. Graham manages to turn the most mundane of project, into an exciting and welcoming picture. He helps to tidy the building site and his attention to detail is impeccable. As such, we have had many, many positive comments from our clients about the imagery on the website and it is this, that has made them choose our company over and above the competition. Sometimes on websites, testimonials are amended and the truth is extended but I probably haven’t written enough, on how good Graham is. Clive Dean

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Elevated Photography

Elevated Photography UK

My elevated photography service is supplied UK wide using professional Nikon dSLR cameras and lenses on a portable 9 metre elevated photography mast. This mast based photography system is controlled at ground level and provides a exciting perspective of any building and development whether exterior or interior.

London Elevated Photographer

Elevated photography takes into account the surrounding environment and infrastructure such as the main roads, car parks, service yard and neighbourhood. As your elevated photographer I can focus solely on the main premises as directed in the brief or capture the wider area. My elevated photography system is very stable in all conditions, it takes seconds to erect, allowing for quick movement around large sites without the use or need of access for vehicles or legal restrictions for drones. There are many architectural uses for my elevated photography. Architecture based industries can use the elevated photography to capture the progress of building sites at design stages, planning stages and during construction. Images captured during our elevated photography shoot can easily be blended with 3D visualisations.

Elevated Photography London

To truly capture the best external view, you need elevated photography – whether thats from a mast or a drone. You can’t capture environmental angles from the ground. There are obstacles like fences, trees, and other elements that will obstruct views. Not every property offers a stunning view from the street, so the solution is elevated photography, which allows the elevated photographer to capture a bird’s eye view of impressive features and landscapes of the property with a touch of dynamism. Most photographers don’t have the equipment for elevated photography, but I have access to mast and drone photography systems. It is the ideal way to showcase your property, and we specialize in elevated photography that helps emphasize the architectural strong points of your home. The biggest plus point of elevated photography is that it instantly paints a much grander image of any property, by providing a dynamic view of the entire landscape from an elevated position. I work across Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, London, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire and UK wide. With our 9 metre elevated mast we can reach above most properties and we are able to capture the unique selling point of any residential or commercial property. Elevated photography is great for planning applications too. Elevated photography will highlight the property boundary, location and the surroundings in one simple elegant photo. Photography from an an elevated mast offers a huge advantage to street level photography. The elevated photography examples on my website show just how much more information can be displayed with elevated photography when compared to using ground level photography.

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