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Experienced building & architecture photographer in London and working across the UK to partner architects, the construction industry and trade press. For over 20 years I have worked in the building photography sector as an architecture photographer, providing high quality, elegant London architecture photography.  I provide my services to clients UK wide and have regular commissions in Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire and the Cotswolds. Please get in touch to discuss your architecture brief and for a competitive quote on 07951496858.

New Hotel Architecture Photographer, UK.
Building Architecture Photographer London
Architecture photography of retail and residential building in London, UK.
Architecture Photographer UK

London Architecture Photographers

My architecture photographer service is relied upon by many businesses to capture their designs and market their business. As leading architecture photographers in London my extensive skills base and knowledge are utilised on older heritage buildings and contemporary architecture. Whatever the assignment I capture the sense of place and key elements of the building in stunning images that are perfect visualisations of the structure and perfect for your marketing and awards entry needs.

Exterior Architecture Photography

My role as your exterior architecture photography professional is to allow your building to stand out amongst others. I look for the details and elements of the structure that you feel most important and seek to highlight those attributes which make your building unique. The resulting architecture photography I provide will become compelling viewing for your audience. My network of architecture clients cover construction companies, property developers, hotels, publishers, architects, interior designers and PR agencies UK wide including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Exeter, Birmingham, Leeds, Cambridge, Brighton & Oxford. I have extensive experience in providing exterior architecture photography covering every stage of the construction, through to completion. I also have access to an elevated photography mast and professional drone so I can provide exceptional architecture photography from any height.

Building Architecture Photography London
Building Architecture Photographers London
Twilight Exterior Architectural Photography
Cotswolds Building Exterior photography

Construction Site Photography

I am able to provide architecture photography at your construction site projects UK wide.

Construction Photography London
London building construction photography

Structural Architectural Photography

Whether your architectural structure is photographed in daylight or during dawn and dusk. I will provide careful attention to the position of light and shadow on the building to produce outstanding architecture photography. We will discuss what you aim to achieve and make sure the building is viewed in the best light. Typically most clients ask for a clean image, with no cars or people in front of the structure. However, I can also use these elements to highlight the scale of the building and how it interacts with the environment. When you hire me as your architecture photographer in London or across the UK, you are hiring me for my experience, ability, aptitude and vision. I will compose architectural images that capture the vision of the architect and the aesthetics of the structure.

Night Photography

Some assignments require a night time photo shoot. I am happy to accommodate your architecture photography requests no matter what time restraints or difficulties they entail.

night architecture photography London
Hotel Photographer Architecture London. Photo of hotel exterior.

Architecture Photographer in London

As a London architecture photographer working for your brand I will become your trusted photographic partner. It is my job to understand and interpret the brief, treat each project and location with the respect it deserves and to create architecture photography that is accurate, timeless and perfect for your needs. Exploring a newly completed architectural project is very exciting. Being one of the first people to wander the site, and deciding which are the best angles and best times of day to capture the exterior design elements in defining imagery. I love photographing buildings whether residential new builds, commercial office developments or city centre apartment blocks. I provide my architecture photographer service to architects, developers, construction companies and self builders. When your next architectural project is ready and you require a professional architecture photographer in London please get in touch for an affordable and competitive quote. My studio is based in London and I live in Oxfordshire, so typically work all over the UK.

Modern Architecture

Some examples of architecture photography for modern building design in the UK.

Exterior Architecture Photography London
Oxfordshire Architecture Photography
Exterior Architecture Photography London
Berkshire Architecture Photographer Forbury Place

Exterior Architecture Photographer

I have always been drawn to the cityscape, previously studying Fine Art and crafting urban collages of the built environment which have been exhibited worldwide and sit in over a hundred private art collections. Now, in the current – as an architecture photographer I love to engage with the ever changing environment, exploring the lines, colours, textures and silhouettes. I love the simplicity of exterior architecture photography, it is as difficult or easy as I wish, it all comes down to how much control of the image I want, and what I think the overall picture will require. Along with how many elements should I add or subtract to help the narrative. Working as an architecture photographer in London and across the UK provides amazing opportunities to create unique and inspiring photography for my clients. I create memorable, aesthetically pleasing and descriptive exterior architecture photography that acts brilliantly as a communication tool in the modern marketing world.

Skyscraper Architecture

Examples of architecture photography for skyscrapers and tall buildings in Qatar.

Architectural Picture of Doha Qatar Skyscraper Architecture
Professional photographer in Qatar
Picture of Doha Qatar Architecture
Picture of Doha Qatar Architecture

How much does architecture photography cost?

It will typically vary based on the architecture photographers experience, client list and reputation. As a skilled and experienced architecture photographer I will charge a fair fee for my time and effort – but I will look after you too, so we maintain a longterm relationship. I am more than competitive and provide a huge amount of long term value to my clients. My costs will vary depending on the type of architecture, complexity involved in delivering the images, and the potential of multiple assignments each year. Whether producing architecture photography for architects, exterior building photography of retail developments or delivering the varying range of images that construction site photography demands – every project I photograph requires a unique set of images which highlight the best architectural photography possible. With my expertise in architecture photography, you can be assured that your designs will stand out amongst the competition. Whether you want to build a case study portfolio of past projects to attract new clients, showcase a project of national interest, or are in need of new marketing materials for your latest development – I will provide fabulous architecture photography that will take your marketing to the next level.

Rural Architectural Images

I love photographing rural countryside architecture. Heres a few examples.

Oxford Architecture Photographer
Cotswolds Building Exterior photography
Surrey Architecture Photography
Cotswolds Building Exterior photography
Oxford Architecture Photographer
Exterior Architecture Photography

Hiring Architecture Photographers

Are you looking for architecture photographers to capture your latest building? I always welcome assignments in London or across the UK, including Manchester, Leeds, Liverpool, Birmingham and Oxford. My ability to capture architecture beautifully has earned me a trusted reputation among architects, builders and developers who regard myself as an integral part of their team and the architecture photographers they trust.

High quality, award winning architecture photography requires the trusted hand of experienced architecture photographers – ones who can understand the brief, do not need guidance, can work solo – at any time of day. But no matter how good we are as photographers we need all the elements to align for a successful stress-free shoot. We need good weather, but as architecture photographers we also need to understand weather radars and know when the brief moments of sunshine and no rain are coming – this is the UK after-all. What is happening outside of your building – has the gardening and maintenance teams made the building look presentable? Are all the exterior lights working? Are there roadworks taking place? There is so much to consider – but with careful planning we always capture the architecture photography beautifully. To achieve the best results possible under each days individual circumstances we need good light to start. So when discussing your brief the best architecture photographers will work out the position of the sun for your key shots – so you will then know what time frames are available for each angle you wish to capture. A small brief that highlights any special elements, so nothing is overlooked is also important.

``We’ve worked with Graham on a number of occasions over the years to capture architecture photography of our properties. We have always been very impressed by the level of service and outstanding photography provided. We gave Graham a brief and he added his artistic flair. He is flexible, reliable and understands our requirements without guidance``. ...Mark, Urban Home

Office Architectural Images

Examples of modern office architecture.

Exterior Architecture Photography London
External Architectural Photographers
Commercial Property Photographer
Architectural Photographer London UK

Residential Architecture

Examples of residential architecture.

Structure Building Photography
Building Architecture Photography London
contemporary architecture photography in Herts
Structure Building Photography

Elevated Photography & Drone Photography

I can also offer elevated photography and drone photography of your architectural projects.

interior photography
commercial property photography Oxfordshire

To discuss your London architecture photography requirements use the details below. I work UK wide, but with a particular focus on London, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire and the Cotswolds.

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