Professional Interior Photography for Bar Interiors

Professional interior photography of bar interiors

Graham has provided photography and video on a few WSG interiors projects, and we’ve been really impressed. He has been very easy to deal with and the end result is always high quality. Would definitely recommend!..

When photographing restaurant and bar interiors I consider the layout of the interior design, the way the space flows, the interior design elements and materials used to create the restaurant and bar interiors. Whether you are the owner of the business or the interior designer I am able to deliver high quality restaurant and bar interior photography that showcases your design expertise.
As a commercial interior photographer based in London UK, I specialise in capturing and enhancing interior design of hospitality spaces for bars, restaurants and food convenience stores through my professional interior photography.
My realistic, yet striking and refined interior photography for bar interiors is extremely important for visually promoting your bar and restaurant online and in print. My professional interior photography helps you stand out from the competition. As a experienced interior photographer I am able to understand your brief and communicate the interior designers vision with the ambience and characteristics captured beautifully. My approach to capturing restaurant and bar interiors is to photograph the main views in wide angle and more tighter framed images that can focus on materials and textures. I work across the UK, including London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire, the Cotswolds and Berkshire.