Elevated Photography

Elevated Photography UK

My elevated photography service is supplied UK wide using professional Nikon dSLR cameras and lenses on a portable 9 metre elevated photography mast. This mast based photography system is controlled at ground level and provides a exciting perspective of any building and development whether exterior or interior.

London Elevated Photographer

Elevated photography takes into account the surrounding environment and infrastructure such as the main roads, car parks, service yard and neighbourhood. As your elevated photographer I can focus solely on the main premises as directed in the brief or capture the wider area. My elevated photography system is very stable in all conditions, it takes seconds to erect, allowing for quick movement around large sites without the use or need of access for vehicles or legal restrictions for drones. There are many architectural uses for my elevated photography. Architecture based industries can use the elevated photography to capture the progress of building sites at design stages, planning stages and during construction. Images captured during our elevated photography shoot can easily be blended with 3D visualisations.

Elevated Photography London

To truly capture the best external view, you need elevated photography – whether thats from a mast or a drone. You can’t capture environmental angles from the ground. There are obstacles like fences, trees, and other elements that will obstruct views. Not every property offers a stunning view from the street, so the solution is elevated photography, which allows the elevated photographer to capture a bird’s eye view of impressive features and landscapes of the property with a touch of dynamism. Most photographers don’t have the equipment for elevated photography, but I have access to mast and drone photography systems. It is the ideal way to showcase your property, and we specialize in elevated photography that helps emphasize the architectural strong points of your home. The biggest plus point of elevated photography is that it instantly paints a much grander image of any property, by providing a dynamic view of the entire landscape from an elevated position. I work across Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Surrey, London, Buckinghamshire, Wiltshire and UK wide. With our 9 metre elevated mast we can reach above most properties and we are able to capture the unique selling point of any residential or commercial property. Elevated photography is great for planning applications too. Elevated photography will highlight the property boundary, location and the surroundings in one simple elegant photo. Photography from an an elevated mast offers a huge advantage to street level photography. The elevated photography examples on my website show just how much more information can be displayed with elevated photography when compared to using ground level photography.