Elevated Mast Photographer

UK Elevated Mast Photography

I am a London based elevated mast photographer available for assignments UK wide. The Elevated mast systems I use are the most reliable telescopic masts available in London and the UK. My portable mast is 9 metres long and provides an elevated field of view that can greatly improve the appearance of your premises from almost any position. All my elevated mast photography systems are controlled at ground level and provide a superior and exciting perspective for any building and development whether exterior or interior. My 9 metre elevated mast is fully portable and requires no vehicle access. So we are able to go anywhere, even on the roof and produce elevated photography in any location without restrictions.

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Commercial Property Photographer London UK
Elevated Mast Photographer London UK

London Elevated Mast Photographer

Hiring an elevated mast photographer is a cheaper alternative to aerial photography using drones or helicopters, and avoids the complicated restrictions. The elevated mast photography I produce takes into account the surrounding environment and infrastructure such as the main roads, car parks, service yard and neighbourhood. As an experienced elevated mast photographer I fully understand the objective, and work with your budget to supply elevated mast photography of the highest quality. To obtain a unique perspective I am able to photograph your property, construction site, retail park or other development using my elevated mast photography system. As a digital process, we can view the shots from ground level and see exactly how the elevated photography looks. If you are looking for a elevated photographer in London, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire, Hertfordshire, Sussex, Kent or other locations in the UK then get in touch on 07951496858, or E-mail for a free quote.

Elevated Photography Applications

Elevated photography is perfect for residential property, estate agents, construction companies, property developers and chartered surveyors. At 9m I can operate the elevated mast in all weathers, but as usual with any type of photography – it always looks better on a sunny day. The direction of light is also important for elevated photography, it is always best to have the light on the front of the building and angle we are shooting from.

Stunning Elevated Mast Photography

Our Elevated Mast Photography system uses remote camera systems to capture the elevated photography. The images are stunning and the price is affordable considering we supply images that highlight the scale and surroundings of the property with an uncompromised viewpoint that cannot be replicated from a ground perspective.

Aerial Mast Photography

With our 9 metre aerial mast reaches above most properties and we are able to capture the unique selling point of any residential or commercial property. Elevated mast photography is great for planning applications. Elevated photography highlights the property boundary, location and the surroundings in one simple photo. Photography from an an aerial mast offers a huge advantage to ground level photography. The elevated photography examples on my website show just how much more information can be displayed with aerial mast photography when compared to using ground level photography.