Graham Holland’s most commonly asked questions by new clients.
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I am a interior and architectural photography specialist based in London and Oxfordshire, but I also work throughout the UK, and will be in different locations UK wide each week.

How long is a photo shoot?
This depends on the project. It can take as little as 30 minutes or as long as several days. An average shoot is 2-3hrs.

How many photos will I expect?
Depending on the specific job and prior discussion you’d expect between 10-40 pictures.

What is the turnaround on the edited photos?
48-72 hrs standard turnaround time for all interior and architectural photography.
24hrs will depend on prior arrangement and availability.

How much does the photography cost?
Each job is quoted on an individual basis. Prices will either be project based, half day rates, or full day rates. Please get in touch to discuss requirements.

What about editing?
In most scenarios I will edit all imagery before showing the client and this is included in the original fee. On the rare occasion minor edits are still required this is carried out for free.

How will I receive the edited photos?
High resolution, 300 dpi Jpegs at 6000 pixels wide on the longest edge are the traditional file format supplied. If you require any other format please advise when seeking your quote.

Do I own the photos?
The photographer retains the copyright and the photos are licensed to you with generous usage. The photographs are protected by copyright laws. They are the property of the photographer/ copyright holder who has the right to license their use. There is also an option to purchase the full copyright to the images. All photographs created by Graham Holland are the property of Graham Holland therefore all copyright is retained by the photographer. Usage rights issued to clients are not transferable and will be revoked under infringement