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Shooting on location in London

Shooting lifestyle imagery on location around London. I provide photography to many advertising, marketing and design agencies in the UK producing websites and brochures for commercial property clients UK wide, but with a focus on London commercial property. Alongside the usual shots of exteriors and commercial interiors for the buildings for sale or to let, I am asked to shoot location based stock imagery in the local vicinity, whether thats for new developments around Tower Bridge, London Bridge or Battersea. ...

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Elevated Mast Photography

London based elevated mast photography Elevated mast photography is the most useable 'aerial' based system available in London. My portable masts in 9 and 12 metres offer an elevated field of view from almost any position. I also own a 17 metre vehicle mounted mast for even greater height. All my mast photography systems are controlled at ground level and provide a superior and exciting perspective for any building and development whether exterior or interior. Our 9 & 12 metre elevated masts are fully portable and require no vehicle so we are able to go anywhere and produce elevated photography in any location without restrictions....

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